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TransEra HTBasic
HTBasic for Windows

HTBasic is a powerful scientific /engineering language that combines the ease-of-use of BASIC, the math capabilities of FORTRAN and the structured-programming of Pascal and C. We also deal in other products from TransEra such as GPIB(HM900)/GPIO(HM600:discont.,HM650) cards and boards.
  Current version: HTBasic for Windows Version 10.1.0 (Major update 2018.08)
Demo Version : Download Controled 10.1.1 Development version (Password reuired)
Demo Version : Download Controled 10.1.0 Runtime version (Password reuired)
          - Used under Windows 10/7
          - GPIB(ines,TAMS)/GPIO(TAMS) tested with Agilent IO Lib. 16.3
HTBasic 10 for Windows Products 10.1.0 (Major update 2018.08)
  HTBasic 10.1 License Agreement here
  HTBasic 10.1 Release notes here
HTBasic 10 for Windows Full Version
Product #Discription
WF0100HTBasic 10 for Windows Development Version with Manual
WL0100HTBasic 10 for Windows Development Version without Manual
WE0100HTBasic 10 for Windows Runtime version release 25 users License
WE010AHTBasic 10 for Windows Runtime version release 10 users License
WE010BHTBasic 10 for Windows Runtime version release 5 users License
HTBasic 10 for Windows Update Version
From version 10.0.x ONLY (Required: 10.0.x License number)
Product #Discription
WL1100HTBasic 10 for Windows Development Version without Manual
WE1100HTBasic 10 for Windows Runtime version 25 users License Update
WE110AHTBasic 10 for Windows Runtime version 10 users License Update
WE110BHTBasic 10 for Windows Runtime version 5 users License Update
  HTBasic / HPBASIC Migration Path    - Comparison of Version # & Release # -
- HTBasic 10.1 for Windows Development Version Major Version up (2018.08)
   Official support Windows 10 32bit/64bit by TransEra
- HTBasic 10.0 for Windows Development Version Major Version up (2010.10)
   Official support Windows 7/VISTA/XP
- HTBasic 9.5 for Windows Development Version Major Version up (2007.06)
   Dual core/ Hyper thread 32bit PC support from ver. 9.5
- HTBasic 9.1 for Windows Development Version Major Version up (2003.03)
   HTBasic Workshop is bundled.
Agilent Technology,Japan announced,
"Finished the sale of the HPBASIC for Windows products
in November, 2000"(2001.01)
- HTBasic 7.4 for Windows Development Version Major Version up
   Migration path from HTPBASIC for Windows 7.1 to HTBasic verson 7.4
- HTBasic 6.1b for Windows Development Version Major Version up
   Migration path from HTPBASIC for Windows 6.3x to HTBasic verson 6.1b
  How is HTBasic used?  
  Instrumentation and control by notebook PC - Invitation to HTBasic / HPBASIC
      by Dr.Tominaga,Masaki (Original: Written by Jappanese)

  <pdf> 1. Foreword
2. History of HTBasic/HPBASIC
3. Outline of HT-BASIC
4. Programming of HT-BASIC 1 (program for bi-directional, interactive control)
5. Programming of HT-BASIC 2 (Control by multi-purpose PC card (inesDAQ i250)
5.1 Overview of inesDAQ i250 PC card
5.2 Program for A/D conversion
5.3, Bit Input/Output Program
6. Programming of HT-BASIC 3 (program construction (loop & branch, calculation))
7. Programming of HT-BASIC 4 (Graphics)
7.1 Graphical output
7.2 Output and save of graphics
7.3 HT-BASIC Plus
8. Definition of Variables
9. Afterword
Ines Gmbh
GPIB/DAQ Card & Board Products

 Windows; It is a WDM driver and supports Windows 2000, XP and Windows 10/7 on all IBM PC compatible platforms. Libraries and header files are included for the Visual C++, Visual Basic, MINGW and Delphi development systems. An industry standard compatible GPIB-32.DLL supports nearly all applications designed for that interface, including applications developed for LabView 6+, LabWindows, Agilent VEE, TransEra HT-Basic, Agilent Intuilink, and more.
 Linux; It supports the Intel (x86) platform Linux kernel versions 2.4 and 2.6. Thus it is compatible with all Linux distributions based on that kernels, e.g. RedHat, SuSE etc.
  GPIB-PCMCIA products
  GPIB-PCI products
    GPIB-PCI-XL, GPIB-LPCI-XL(Low profile)
  GPIB-CompactPCI Products
  GPIB-PC104 Products
    GPIB-PC104, GPIB-PCI-104(PC104plus)
  GPIB-USB Products
  GPIB PCI express Products
    i72110, i72120

DAQ (End of sales)
 Easy installation: SETUP program helps installing drivers, Online-Help, test and example programs. 32k byte FIFO buffer for high-speed transfer and continual sampling without interruption, amount of data depends only on hard disk capacity. FreeVIEW data acquisition software available. Free of charge, no programming required.
Direct driver adaptation with ready to run applications and ON-LINE help for Borland C++, Borland Delphi, DASYLab, Weisang FlexPro , Agilent VEE / HP VEE / DT VEE, HTBasic, LabVIEW, Testpoint, Microsoft® Visual Basic® and Microsoft® Visual C++.
    (notes: Driver for WindowsXP/VISTA/7(32bit) is Powerd by i2net.)

    250 kHz Data Acquisition PCMCIA Card
    625 kHz Data Acquisition PCMCIA Card

PCMCIA Slots for Desktop PCs (End of sales)
  ELAN P111,P423 and P424

End of sales as 2016.03  
GPIB/GPIO Card & USB Products

See TAMS Oficial Anouncement
GPIB / LAN Analysis Software
  WatchPoint 80211 & GPIB Pod 80211-A488
  LAN GPIB Gateway 3020
GPIB-PCI Products
  61488 (Windows 7/VISTA/XP), 71488 (HP-UX 11i), 81488 (Red Hat Linux)
GPIB-USB Products
  63488 (Windows 7/VISTA/XP), 83488 (Red Hat Linux)
GPIB-PCI Express Products
  Standard size: 64488 (Windows 7/VISTA/XP), 84488 (Red Hat Linux)
  Low Profile : 64487 (Windows 7/VISTA/XP), 84487 (Red Hat Linux)
  2 x GPIB : 64488 (Windows 7/VISTA/XP), 85488 (Red Hat Linux)
GPIO-PCI Products
  62622 (WindowsXP), 72622 (HP-UX 11i), 82622 (Red Hat Linux)
Power & Signal Switch Modules - USB
  1805A, 1813A, 1848A, 1887A

Frequency Synthesizer 1701A
PCI-VXI Interface 80100
Embeddable Single Board Computer 3011 MOAB
HP 9000 series 300/700 Workstations and accessories
HPIB 1GB Hard Drive 2085

Accumeasure Software Inc.

Converts RMB files from HP workstations to be used on DOS/V PCs. HP BASIC file transfer made EZ!

TechSoft Gmbh

Provides DDE (dynamic data exchange) capabilities to BASIC used on Windows environment.

GRAPH-XT creates stunning, high quality 2D and 3D plots from measurement data with just a few lines of code.
DAQmx for HTBasic Library (HTBasic dll Tool-kit)

With the new DAQmx for HTBasic Library you can use all National Instruments DAQ hardware which supports the new NI-DAQmx driver model.

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